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2009-08-13 23:52:47 by cinematicpress

username- Sakari

Ebay Auctions

2008-12-25 19:46:16 by cinematicpress

-Nintendo 64 + 20 games- ($189.00)
-50 Gameboy Games- ($153.52)

-Korg Electribe MX-1 ($470)
-2 Gameboy DMGs ($25)
-Pokemon Platnium ($16)
-Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ($16)

Nintendo DSi is a FAIL.

2008-12-24 20:29:35 by cinematicpress

I think Nintendo has wasted their time with this one. The "cool new" features are:

-A Camera
-Channel View (think Wii)
-SD Slot for music, photos, etc.

This is all very cool sounding, but Nintendo basically took all these ideas and made turned them into minimum quality features. The camera is worse than a phone's camera, the speed of the internet is slower than dial up (no matter how good your wifi connection is), and the DS doesn't even support .mp3 or .wav files. That is just rediculous.

The only good thing I saw in the new DS is that the channel view is nice and clean looking.

Thanks for reading.

New account.

2008-12-19 15:14:30 by cinematicpress

Hey everyone. This account is a new one. My old account was 7rekcorhsalc. I deleted it because I didn't like the name (lol). Anyways, I plan on making some sick trance songs on this account, hope you like them.

Also, add my myspace music account.